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Persuasion Cast of Characters

Authored By Staff Writer | Last Updated: 4/10/2018

The story of Persuasion showcases patience for the waiting, hurting heart.


Cast of Characters

Primary Characters:

Miss Anne Elliot - Middle daughter to Sir Walter Elliot, Baronet.

Captain Frederick Wentworth - Officer in the Royal Navy, brother of Mrs. Croft.

Lady Russell - friend of the Elliot family, closest to Anne.

Mr. William Elliot - cousin of Anne and heir to the Elliot's Baronet title and Kellynch Hall.

Miss Lousia Musgrove - sister of Charles Musgrove

Persuasion (Contd)

Cast of Characters

Supplementary Characters:

Sir Walter Elliot - father of Anne

Miss Elizabeth Elliot - eldest daughter of Sir Walter, sister to Anne.

Mrs. Mary Musgrove - youngest daughter of Sir Walter, sister to Anne.

Mr. Charles Musgrove - husband of Mary, brother-in-law to Anne.

Miss Henrietta Musgrove - sister of Charles Musgrove

Mr. Shepherd - lawyer/solicitor for Sir Walter when deciding on financial issues, father of Mrs. Clay.

Mrs. Clay - widowed friend of Elizabeth Elliot, daughter of Mr. Shepherd.

Admiral Croft - renting tenant of Kellylynch Hall, Anne's home.

Mrs. Croft - wife of Admiral Croft, sister of Captain Frederick Wentworth.

Mr. Charles Hayter - cousin of Charles, Louisa and Henrietta Musgrove.

Captain James Benwick - friend of Captain Wentworth

Captain Harville - friend of Captain Wentworth

Mrs. Harville - wife of Captain Harville

Mrs. Smith - widowed school friend of Anne

Lady Dalrymple - noble cousin of Sir Walter

Miss Carteret - daughter of Lady Dalrymple, cousin of Sir Walter