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Researching Jane Austen

Authored By Renee Warren | Last Updated: 4/10/2018

Learning more about an author certainly adds more depth to his or her writings - and English Author Jane Austen is no exception.

Learning more about the life and times of an author gives the reader greater perspective and an increased appreciation for the work that was created. Fans of Jane Austen have been given a good deal of published material to sort through when researching both the lady and her life. Though Jane did not leave the world a memoir or autobiography after her death, some of her personal letters were collected by her descendents and printed for public consumption. Recollections of family members were also published in time and, to this, have been added many biographies including some very recent entries. Additionally, descriptions of the Regency Period (English rule during Jane Austen's life) and its events are available to the modern reader, adding clarity to phrases and circumstances that would have affected what Jane wrote about in her own novels. Below is a list of books that can help illuminate Jane Austen's life and time period in history.

William Austen-Leigh - "Jane Austen: her life and letters: a family record"

James Edward Austen-Leigh - "A Memoir of Jane Austen: and other family recollections"

David Nokes - "Jane Austen: a life"

Claire Tomalin - "Jane Austen: a life"

Joan E. Klingel Ray - "Jane Austen for Dummies"

Patrice Hannon - "101 Things You Didn't Know About Jane Austen"

David Cecil - "A Portrait of Jane Austen<"

Roy and Lesley Adkins - "Jane Austen's England"

John Spence - "Becoming Jane Austen"

Claire Harman - "Jane's Fame: how Jane Austen conquered the world"

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