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Authored By Renee Warren | Last Updated: 4/10/2018

Bringing out the beauty of an otherwise drab and uninspired desktop viewing screen.

Below are free and exclusive JaneAusten.org downloadable desktop wallpaper backgrounds suitable for decorating the desktop or laptop monitor of any supported user. All images are free for the user to use for non-commercial purposes as all photography contained in these images remains a property of JaneAusten.org. To access the images, simply click on an image (or the link below each image) and the image will open in a new browser window in all of its full-color, 1920x1200 resolution widescreen glory. From there, simply right-click on the large, full-sized image (if using a PC) and select "Set As Background" to set the image as your computer's chosen background image. The process is slightly different for Apple users.

Again, please note that, while these wallpapers are FREE for you to use and download, they are only made available for NON-COMMERCIAL purposes. The photographs contained within the wallpaper images remain property of JaneAusten.org. You are not allowed to repost them on another site and profit from them in any way.

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"I Dream of Pemberley"

"Jane Austen Writing Desk"

"Seven Sisters Hike"

"Royal Crescent"