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Authored By Renee Warren | Last Updated: 4/10/2018

Understanding the foundation that is Jane Austen goes a long way for the reader in understanding Jane Austen the writer.


Reverend Mr. George Austen, Father
Cassandra (Leigh) Austen, Mother


James (1765-1819) - Became the vicar of Sherborne St. John.
George (1766-1838) - Thought to be epileptic, deaf and mute; sent away to live with care-taking family; very little actually known of George.
Edward (1767-1852) - Inherited wealth from uncle and aunt, toured Europe for four years.
Henry (1771-1850) - Acted as literary agent to Jane; served in the Oxfordshire militia.
Cassandra (1773-1845) - Only other daughter in family; Jane's confidant.
Francis (1774-1865) - Opened up Chawton cottage to the Austen girls; served in the Royal Navy.
Charles (1779-1852) - Served in the Royal Navy.


Philadelphia (Austen) Hancock - Aunt (father’s sister)
Elizabeth (Hancock) Capot, Comtesse de Feuillide - Cousin (later sister-in-law)

When was Jane Austen Born?
On Saturday, December 16, 1775.

Where was Jane Austen Born?
In Hampshire, England at the Steventon rectory.

When Did Jane Austen Die?
On Friday, July 18, 1817.

Where Did Jane Austen Die?
In Winchester, England.

Where is Jane Austen Buried?
At Winchester Cathedral in Winchester, England. The Cathedral is open for visitors.

How Did Jane Austen Die?
Historically, many have accepted Addison's Disease or Hodgkin's Lymphoma as the primary cause of her death. Relatively newer research suggests it may have been disseminated tuberculosis passed on through exposure to cattle or unpasteurized milk - an illness far more common in Austen's time than today.

What Books Did Jane Austen Write?
In order of their publication, they were Sense & Sensibility (1811), Pride & Prejudice (1813), Mansfield Park (1814), Emma (1815), Persuasion (1817) and Northanger Abbey (1817). Note that the latter two novels were published after Jane Austen's death.

Did Jane Austen Ever Marry?
Sadly, despite her written works always centering on the pursuit of romance, Jane Austen did not marry.

Did Jane Austen Ever Have Any Children?
No she did not.

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