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Picture of a classic tea set of the Regency Period

Regency Period Fasions (Jane Austen)

The structured society of the Regency Period requires one to know what to wear and how to wear it.

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Beyond their obvious entertainment value, Jane Austen period presentations on television and in motion pictures have helped to shape the Regency Period of Jane's lifetime for inquiring viewers. Readers can now visualize the grand gatherings consistent with the period thanks to the hard work of industry professionals who have used history (and sometimes a little bit of creative freedom) as a guide in bringing her works to life - from hats and gloves to shoes and petticoats.

One rather interesting insight garnered from the various available tours related to Austen's life is the fact that, during the Regency Period, persons did not simple purchase a complete pair of walking shoes (both left and right shoes) as they do today primarily because this proved cost-prohibitive for manufacturers sell two different shoes to customers. Instead, shoemakers produced a single shoe design to fit the customer's feet size to which the owner was then required to literally wear down each shoe through regular use until their fit was proper. Regular use would then go on to create a definitive left and right shoe for the life of their ownership.
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